Investing with Us

Investment you can trust

Management Efficiency and Transparency are at the very core of our Company. Our capacity to execute challenging projects stem from a culture of discussion and mutual respect.

We seek investors who share our values and are willing to support us to achieve our Grand Vision of a better Real Estate Construction and Management. 

Our Values


We believe that buildings should be Architecturally Superior and Beautiful. 


Technology advances by the minutes in this Globalised World. One must adapt quickly to make sure these advancements are applied directly.


We learn from Nature, and we seek to protect them in our Business endeavor wherever we can.


We seek to build real estate with superior quality, affordable to the market, and provides long term investment security for our clients.

Why Us?

We understand that deciding on an Enterprise to invest in is no easy matter. To provide security for your funds, we have equipped ourselves with all necessary provisions to give you confidence.


Superior Management, Competent Team Members, from Planning, Executing, and Reporting with over 10 Years of Experience.


Legal Security. For both domestic and International Investors.


Investment Analysis you can trust. Financial Report with accredited Public Accountant.


Dedicated service for Investors. 

Why Invest in Indonesia?

Indonesia provides the healthiest environment for Domestic and Global Investors alike. Here are some of the reasons.

Large Dynamic Market

Over 260Mio Population. With the Majority being Young and Productive

Government Support

Ease of Business. Various Government Tax Cuts and Legal Leniency for Foreign and Domestic Investors. 

Vast Business Potentials

Stretching Over 14Thousand Islands. Full of Natural and Social Resources.

Growing IT Capacity

Rapid Development of IT Infrastructure by the Public and Private sectors.

Our Business Interests & Capacities

Bukit Bengawan Indonesia is highly focused on Managing Businesses related to the maximization of opportunities provided to us by the Land we stand on. Responding to the need of Industry 5.0 Evolution, at the moment here are our core interests for business development.

Intergrated Real Estate Development

With constant population development. Indonesia is in need of higher quality living with intergrated management. From Housing, Hotels, Universities, Hospitals and Waste Treatment Centers.

Large Scale Food Production

Producing high quality affordable food has now become a priority in the Global Business landscape. With the previous generations’ unhealthy practice of Agriculture, revolutionizing the industry is necessary.

Water Treatment Technology

Water, being the most basic foundation of life, shall receive many hours of research and development for better treatment of waste and sea water for the purpose of human consumption.

Construction Material Engineering

Construction activities are some of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases. More efficient materials and techniques shall be developed and sold to be used by the wider Public.

Have questions? Contact us! Our Dedicated Investment Team will serve you well.

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