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Bukit Bengawan

Bukit Bengawan Indonesia is a Company dedicated to the improvement of human lives by better management of all businesses related to land.

At the moment we care for the management of Real Estate Projects and Agriculture. The efforts of Bukit Bengawan are based on a strong commitment towards the Efficient Use of Technological Advancement, Adoration of Nature, and Respect for Beauty.

Current Project

Beauty in the Middle of the City

Aur Duri Indah Project is a beautifully designed project of 12 homes in the center of the city.

Developed for the needs of the millenial families, Aur Duri Indah Project combines the needs of a beautiful home, dynamic flow of domestic living, and vibrant city life.

Why Us?

Bukit Bengawan Indonesia seeks to provide real estate products which can provide good value for money, strong architectural concepts, and business transaction which can benefit society as a whole.


All of our housing units are constructed with the best materials available in the market. To reduce price, we work closely with our construction team for higher efficiency.


We apply the newest technology available to make sure that you are delivered with the best products possible. Our future development focuses on Green Technology.


Staying true to our commitment to nature, our products are all inspired by the environment, and very often use earthly materials to accentuate our architectural design.


We are committed into making sure that we can benefit society as a whole. We have cooperated with the Red Cross for our CSR program, and looking to other organisation to work with. 

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